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Leaps and Bounds

I think we’re about finished with First Steps. Last Wednesday, the day I horribly overbooked myself, our therapist Amy called to see if she should come for Simon’s therapy. It seemed ridiculous to cancel just because Simon could walk. I mean, I was thrilled to see him walk his little Frankenstein walk, but there was still walking with hands down, running, stopping in place, carrying things, kicking, and climbing to master.

So she came, and we decided she’d come again in three weeks to see how Simon is progressing. I’ll let her come, but it’s for two not entirely healthy reasons: For one, I’ll let her come because as long as I have to pay for July, I might as well get more than one session out of it. And in the second place, I want to show off.

Simon is progressing in leaps and bounds. He’s been walking pretty quickly for over a week now. At least once each day, I am thrilled to hear the thumpity-thump of not-so-little feet pounding away on the hardwood floors. Then yesterday he got into a higher gear and ran a bit.

We were so excited! Then, before we even had a chance to eat a victory brownie, he kicked a ball for his Auntie Jen the soccer player. His climbing skills remain limited, but it’s not for a lack of trying. He can climb on his sand and water table, up the stairs, and onto his train table. He tries to climb onto our bed and into and out of the bath-tub, too.

Not coincidentally, we are finding these new skills are accompanied by squeals, giggles, shouts, and bruises. Three out of four isn’t so bad.

As if that weren’t enough to be happy about, I’ve been working fewer hours of late (cashing in some comp time), we’ve enjoyed a long holiday weekend, we’re seeing advances in what Simon understands, and the summer weather has been glorious. It is truly a good time to be Simon and to be Simon’s mother.

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