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Now here’s a milestone I didn’t know to be on the lookout for. Simon sang in the back seat of the car last night, adding his own little grace note (no pun intended) to a busy and happy weekend.

We first heard the beginnings of singing, what I jokingly call Ur-singing, about a year ago. Right after putting him down for a nap or for sleep at night, Matt and I would hear a slightly melodic “da da da” from his room. It was Evie who first recognized this as singing; she thought Simon had taken matters into his own hands when his care-givers didn’t sing to him.

The next phase started a few weeks or months ago, I’m honestly not sure which, when Simon began to babble along with songs on the radio, doing his best to sing along. The problem here was finding a song whose only words were “no,” “light,” or “bus.”

Then, last night, The Rolling Stones came over the airwaves with “The Last Time,” a song whose stanzas all end with the refrain “Oh no, Oh no.” Hey, Simon knows those words! So after a verse or two, Matt and I heard a small voice from the back seat join in on the “Oh no, Oh no” part. We looked at each other, had one of those “Did you just hear what I did?” exchanges, and smiled broadly.

Such a little thing, but such a delight nonetheless. Also, quite possibly, the first and last time I will feel any real affection for the Rolling Stones. Oh no, oh no!

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