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Simon has settled on a new group of favorite books, only one of which I bought him. They are:

Fun Cars: A wheeled book shaped like a car with lots of fun cars inside. Evie put this one in his Christmas stocking

Each Peach Pear Plum: A gift from my boss, Karen. The book features an I Spy game with nursery rhyme characters.

Good Night San Francisco: A gift from friends Shawn and Yun in the Bay Area, and pretty self explanatory.

I’ll See You in the Morning: A bedtime book, also from Karen

Happy Baby Things That Go: My single triumph

The first three on this list are spurring a significant increase in his vocabulary, the extent of which became clear just this week when Simon could suddenly identify a host of new objects.

For fun, let’s play the new word matchup game. You try to determine which of the books pictured at right is responsible for the new word Simon knows:


Peach Tree

Golden Gate Bridge

Pear Tree



Plum Tree


Mother Hubbard



Delorean (or, “De-lau” as Simon says it)

Wicked Witch

Sea Lion

Baby Bunting

I don’t need to post an answer key, right? The real question is, given this odd admixture of vocabulary, what in the world will Simon’s first sentence be?!

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