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I’m telling on my husband. But I’m not mad at him at all. Quite the opposite, I really feel for him. Yesterday he made the mistake I’ve been expecting to make. It, of course, involved preschool.

I took Simon to KIP yesterday because I had a big, big call from 12:00-1:30 and wouldn’t be able to pick him up, which is my regular assignment. It wasn’t a pretty scene. The minute I turned into the Keneseth Israel drive off of Taylorsville Road, Simon realized what was going on and began to cry. By the time we reached his room, he was kicking and shrieking and reaching for me. A teacher immediately whisked him out of the room, and I left feeling awful. Again.

At lunch time, Matt picked him up. The minute Simon saw Matt, he began to sputter. But the teachers immediately told Matt not to be fooled, that he had had a great day and continued to improve. He participated in art, liked the music, and ate a good lunch. Success!

Buoyed, Matt escorted a no-longer crying Simon into the parking lot. Then they got to the car and the full horror of the situation revealed itself. Matt had taken the wrong car. We have a semi-permanent loan of my Dad’s old Camry, and it does not have a car seat in it. (Dumb, yes, but we don’t feel like the car is really ours. We haven’t taken off the very un-us “God Bless America” window decal my dad affixed in 2001, either.)

So there’s poor Matt. Standing with Simon and looking at a car with no seat. He tells me he felt sick, and I believe him. He tells me he tried to call family members to come rescue him, and I believe him. He tells me he seriously considered putting Simon on the floor in the back seat, and I both believe him and admire him for not doing so, as I would have been sorely tempted myself. Would it have been dangerous and stupid? Absolutely. Would it have been tempting nonetheless. You bet.

Instead of breaking the law, Matt gathered himself on a bench for a bit, then did what he had to do: returned Simon to his class so he could go swap cars. Poor Simon completely fell apart and had to be taken out of the building this time, and I’m sure the staff at KIP-fine, compassionate people that they are-were none too pleased with us. Again.

Thankfully, there is an elegant solution to this problem. And it’s not to be more careful in the future. We’re going to buy a second car seat this weekend. Thankfully, this is one problem for which throwing money at it offers a simple fix.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I just read part of a book (I catalog medical books for an academic library) on respite care for carers of Alzheimer’s and other dementia patients, and the respite workers say the same thing–that while Grandma is in the middle of calling her son or daughter to “get me out of this place, I hate it here!” she’s also having a ball playing bingo, or cards, or socializing with the other kids. I’m with Simon’s teachers–don’t believe it! It’s just a guilt trip! Lol. Poor Matt–I probably would have strapped him in with the seat belt and hope I didn’t get caught. Good move on the 2nd car seat.

  2. christine says:

    We’re law breakers! Back in November when we bought the Subaru from a chain-smoker, we had it detailed in an attempt to get rid of nearly 7 years of stench. Alise was about 8 months old. Well, it was raining and we were late to pick up from the shop. A guy was waiting in his car with our keys. He drove off as soon as he handed them to us. Only then did we discover that they forgot to put the car seat back in! Everyone was gone, it was raining and I could hear the phone ringing inside when I called. We were stuck. That’s when we made the decision to belt Alise in the center with Ian riding in the back with her. I drove as carefully as I could in traffic. Alise must have been comfortable because she fell asleep. We got 2 free Ultimate washes and 1 1/2 hours of oxygenation out of it (the smell is gone), but most of all I am grateful we got home safely that night.

  3. Jessica says:

    If I had been with Matt, we’d have been right there with you. I think it was only the prospect of having to leave Simon alone in the back that forced our hand. And we’re glad you made it home safely that night, too!

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