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In the sandboxIt’s been ages since I’ve uploaded new photos to our album. I’m afraid that was one of many tasks that slipped through the cracks during my six weeks of travel and work craziness. Filed under, “better late than never”, you may find some cute pics of Simon at the petting zoo, with Molly, and hanging out in his sandbox in the August album. I’ve posted one of my favorites to the left.

Alas, I finally got caught up with photos the very day Simon became decidedly less photogenic. See the pic below right? Notice anything amiss with Simon’s smile? Like the fact that the greater part of his left front tooth is missing!? He chipped a tooth today. Or, more likely, he cracked a tooth when he face-planted on asphalt earlier this week, and today was the day that the compromised bit fell off.

Chip!Simon seems oblivious to the matter, so I suppose it’s not a big deal. Our pedodontist seems fine with waiting until Monday to see him (more about that hilarious exchange soon), so that’s also reassuring. But man, Matt and I are both really upset about this. Can they do bonding on a two-year-old? We can’t imagine having the poor little guy walk around with a big hunk of tooth missing for the next five years! The rest of September, including better days, may be found here.

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