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Testing Time

Well, it’s all piling back on at the moment. About ten days ago, I moved my head to the side quickly and felt an uncomfortable pull. The next day, my neck was stiff and sore. Yesterday it moved into actual spams, which I not-so-fondly termed “neck labor” and which were sufficiently miserable that they necessitated a trip to the doctor before I went to Yom Kippur services.

I left the doctor’s with a prescription for Flexiril. The first tablet offered some relief and left me feeling fine. The second one seems to have completely knocked me on my kiester, so much so that I have been slow and thick-tongued all day today.

And then, to put icing on the cake, Simon returned from preschool today with a fever. At its worst, it was just over 103, at its best it’s been hovering at around 101. The cruel irony here is that we’d both love to sleep but are just too uncomfortable to do it: He because of the fever and runny nose, and me because he’s only happy laying on my lap, which then puts my neck at an odd and agonizing position. One further twist is that the heating pad that brings me some relief only runs up Simon’s fever all the more. So I am left to snuggle without benefit of chemistry or heat.

This too shall pass, I suppose, hopefully quite soon. At least I seem to bring him some comfort, which does help to make the aching neck recede.

Friday night update: Apparently, before things get better, they needed to get worse. It’s just past midnight, we’ve finally put Simon to bed after a two-hour adventure at the pediatric urgent care center, and I just finished spraying about two cups of vomit off my dry-clean only sweater. Sigh. We hit the center when a forehead reading of Simon’s temperature hit 104.5 and a rectal reading (sorry, buddy) put it at 105. He’s got a virus and a budding ear infection, so tomorrow he begins a new round of antibiotics. Poor little trooper. I don’t think I saw him smile all day.

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