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First 2009 Post

In the next week or so, I hope to go back and catch up on some of our goings on that slipped through the cracks between red helicopters and endless Chanukah celebrations.

But first, I need to launch 2009, and I can’t think of a better way than to relay a story from my mother-in-law Evie. Simon spent yesterday with his grandparents while Matt and I continued work on the basement office/playroom (ugh, it needs a third coat of paint).

Evie first decided to not give Simon any treats, since for the past two weeks or so sugar and candy have become disturbingly central to his diet. We are trying to get back to basics, and have Simon understand the difference between “treat” and “snack”, which we think will be related to explaining the difference between “want” and “need”, a topic I’ll get to in a while.

Back to my story. After Simon’s too-short nap, Evie looked for something to cheer up a pretty distraught Simon. She saw boiled custard in her fridge and decided that might be fun, poured a small cup for Simon, and watched in eager anticipation for his response.

Which was to look surprised, smile widely, and declare “Candy Milk!”

Indeed. How apt. And funny!

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