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I Do!

It’s rare that I begin a post feeling so defeated, but I have a sinking feeling this entry is doomed unless or until we capture the moment on camera and then figure out how to stream from the site. The thing is, Simon has a super adorable new-ish habit, and I think it’s going to be lost unless you can hear it from the source.

That super adorable thing is saying “I do!” instead of “yes” most of the time. As in:

Simon, do you want to take a bath?

I do!

It’s not a plain, “I do” either. It’s sort of sing-songy, with the “do” part coming out in two syllables that go up in pitch and then come back down. There’s some melisma going on; think toddler version of your standard pop diva.

We understand where this comes from. Most of the questions we ask him begin with “Do you?”, so it only makes sense that to Simon that the proper anser is “I do!” and not “yes.” But it’s still funny to hear him sing his reply, especially when accompanied by pursed lips and a little bob of the head. He sounds and looks so serious when he makes his proclamation, like a little groom at the altar.

About two days ago, we heard a variation that made Matt and me both laugh out loud. We asked him some question, let’s pretend it was “Do you want a snack?”,  and this time the response was an airy, two syllable “Ye-ah” followed by a pause than a sing-songy “I do!”

I know, I know. You had to be there.  We’re charging up the camcorder batteries even as I type.

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