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This is why I think Simon is the easiest two-year-old in the world.

We were upstairs tonight getting him into his PJ’s, and since Simon is really interested in numbers these days and also likes to point out clocks, I decided to introduce him to the wild world of digital alarm clocks.

“See these numbers, Simon?  This is a clock and it tells time.  But it uses numbers instead of hands.  Can you tell me what these numbers are?”

Blank stare.  “No hands.”

“That’s right — no hands!  It uses numbers.  Look!  Eight.  Zero.  Two.  It’s eight-oh-two.”  It seemed appropriate, so I quoted one of Simon’s favorite nursery rhymes, Wee Willie Winkie.  “Are your children all in bed?  It’s after eight o’clock.”

“Eight o’clock is bedtime.”

“What?”  That wasn’t expected.

“Eight o’clock is bedtime.”

I wasn’t gonna waste this.  “It sure is.  Do you want to go to bed?”


A few giggles and five minutes later he was out cold.  Eight o’clock is bedtime.

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