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Itsy Bitsy Art

Last weekend, Simon’s preschool held a huge auction fundraiser.  It was a complicated affair: Everyone was charged with selling raffle tickets for a drawing, each classroom solicited donations for themed baskets that were auctioned off at school the day before the big event, and then the actual cocktail party included items up for silent and live bidding.

There was a lot going on, and Matt and I had one item fall through the cracks. We misremembered the deadline for contributing to the Itsy Bitsy Class basket (books, music, and puppets) and assuaged our guilt by successfully bidding on the “Taste of Kentucky Basket.” I love most of what was in it, but if anyone has ideas for what I can do with size L pink Louisville Slugger sweatpants, do let me know…

Most of the items being auctioned off on the big night were products or services donated by local businesses. But each class also created their own piece of art to sell. There was a decorated chalkboard, a lemonade stand, an especially adorable Adirondack chair, a quilt, and a wine and cheese set that I can think of off the top of my head. And this:


A storage ottoman created by Simon’s class. It’s adorable, but when I first saw it I questioned the itsy’s actual participation.  I mean, it’s a pretty big leap from their usual “drawings” to this. “Look closely” the teachers instructed me.  “See those little finger prints on the neck?  And here…


“… on the trees? And here …


“… on the lion’s mane? All done by the children.  We held their fingers and and pressed them on the box. They really did help!”

This, I had to admit, was pretty cool. As was the spot where the children “signed” the art:


Impressed by the teachers’ efforts, I bid on the ottoman. Then escalated three times until I won it! I’m thrilled to have it, too. It’s adorable, the colors match our house,  and Simon loves numbers and animals. But one question remains: How exactly did the children help with this side?


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  1. Amanda says:

    I think the pink sweats would look SPECTACULAR on your husband…

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