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Here’s Matt and I in Louisville’s “Society” Newspaper, The Voice Tribune:

KIP Auction Night
KIP Auction Night

I think this is hilarious, and I can’t quite decide why. It’s some combination of the following:

  • That “society” papers still exist. Are they publishing these with irony? No? Really, people actually care? I suppose the existence of the obnoxious “weddings and celebrations” section in the NYT and the Nob Hill Gazette should have tipped me off.
  • That, if society papers still exist, a Jewish preschool function would ever be included it in it.
  • That, if society papers still exist, I would ever be in or even near one.
  • That the event I attend with a photographer in attendance is the one in a hundred where I intentionally underdress. I was busy that day, and I just didn’t care enough to re-shower and put on one of my gazillion little cocktail dresses.
  • That my “society” pic includes a purse strap and name tag.
  • That, unphotogenic people that we are, this is the best pic Matt and I have managed in five years.
All told: Hilarious. For me anyway.

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  1. blg says:

    Nice photograph!

    I had to go look this up – being an “outsider”:
    The Voice-Tribune is a weekly newspaper published every Thursday. Content is focused on local events, people, business and sports. Originally a St. Mathews-only paper, The Voice now covers several other suburban cities such as Lyndon and Jeffersontown, as well as East End communities in the Louisville Metro area, including Middletown, Prospect, Hurstbourne, Anchorage and Hikes Point.

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