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We are extremely busy over here enjoying our spring vacation. So far, I have worked about half my normal hours, spent six hours trimming liriope in my garden, spent another spell weeding,  spent 8 (eight!) hours putting down mulch, and met with a landscape architect to discuss my disastrous back yard.

This was all supposed to take place in a single half day. As you can see, my time management skills are as fabulous as ever.

I have also enjoyed lazy mornings in my PJs, and ordering a big-boy bed for Simon. It’s the Dutailier Felix 410 in blue jeans finish with a lowered foot board if you are curious.  I probably spent close to 20 hours looking for and researching beds before settling on this one, a decision made simpler by the fact that it was Matt’s favorite by a mile. Having had a gender neutral nursery for 2 1/2 years now, I am truly looking forward to boying it up for my car-obsessed, ball-obsessed little guy.  I might even affix a row of wooden cars on the headboard to entice him to make the switch in few months time.  I can guarantee that the sheets will have a car/plane/train theme.

Still left to do is:

  • finishing a grant
  • finishing two publishing proposals for work
  • painting my bathroom
  • doing a thorough spring cleaning
  • organizing my attic
  • clearing out old clothes for friends, the Goodwill, etc.
  • taking Simon to the aquarium in Cinci, the Science Museum in Louisville, and possibly on the Belle of Louisville.

As it’s Friday, this list is looking less and less feasible all the time! Typical.

Despite all this activity, our vacation highlight thus far came last night night on the Whitworth’s driveway. Matt asked Simon where Grandma was, and Simon looked up and said extremely clearly:

Gramman’s inside making corn dogs.

And she was. Simon has just this week achieved the linguistic milestone this sentence partially illustrates; he is using contractions, prepositions, pronouns, and the present progressive verb correctly. Almost as fun was the stage a week prior, when he was trying to figure all this out and would say things like, “Simon go sleeping.”

So that’s a short version of our spring “staycation”.  Lots of work to do, but all very satisfying, too.

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  1. Mike Murrell says:

    I think “Simon go sleeping” is similar to the same type of structure that the Swiss hear when I try speaking German. He’s making progress far faster than I am… amazing how that works with children.

    PS – please ask Matt to send me an email – I’ve been trying to reach him at okcomputer.org with no luck…

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