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Well, here’s another post bound to fail to capture the moment. I’m going to give it a try anyway.

It was around 8:30 or so last night, and Matt, Simon, and I were all on the bed. Simon should have been tucked into bed by this point, but we tend to run late on Thursdays because we have dinner and spend the early evening at Jim and Evie’s.

At any rate, we were quite literally wrestling Simon into his pajamas (a favorite game of his we have not figured out how to redirect), when he let out a colossal…um…as my Bubbie would say, “you should forgive me a thousand times, [barely audible voice] gas.”

Which is to say, he farted. I am not delicate the way my Bubbie was, and Matt and I are both in for it later because we laugh about and in response to Simon’s farts. We make poop jokes, too, so he’s ready for middle school! Anyway, this one had a certain character that led us to believe we should double-check to make sure Simon didn’t require a final diaper change.

We discussed this possibility openly, checked him, and then moved on to the more appropriate topic of bedtime stories, when Simon began to sing. At first we thought he was talking in a sing-song voice, but after a bit we realized he was replicating the tune “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” perfectly. Only he changed-up the lyrics:

Poop-poop, poop-poop, poop-poop, poop

Poop poop poop poop poop poop, ¬†poop….

He may have ended with a thrown in “poo-poo McGroo,” but I couldn’t say for sure because Matt and I were both clutching our sides and wiping away tears by this point. Silly and rude as it may be, it’s moments like this that infuse the entire house with laughter and happiness.

2 Responses to “Our Little Lyricist (or, “Scat Singing”)”

  1. blg says:

    How I wonder where you are….

  2. goldsteinrita says:

    Well, by the time I was half-way into this saga, I was having trouble seeing the screen because of my tears. Yes, one day you will be trying to get him to act more gentlemanly, but for now you might as well laugh and enjoy him.

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