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Simon Says…

Today, as the family walked through the  BBC Brewing Company parking lot after dinner, Simon turned back and said

Bye, bye restaurant! Bye, bye ABC.

How cute! we both thought.  What a funny little boy we have.

Then, later, we watched Cars (AKA “Race Cars”) for the umpteenth time. Matt started to talk about the big race in California (the movie’s climactic scene occurs at a California race track where the tie-breaker for the Piston Cup is held), and as soon a Simon heard the word “California” he piped up with

I want to see Aweese.

“Aweese” is Alise, the daughter of friends in Oakland (Hi Ian and Christine!)  who we hope to see soon. We showed Simon a picture of her the other night, told her she lived in California, and explained that she might come visit us soon. It would appear that her picture made an impression. Possibly becasue she looks a bit like Lola, the girl in his class he talks the most about. Possibly because she’s just plain adorable.

Regardless, this, too,  struck us as a funny thing to say, and also a sign of his developing ability to remember and connect things.

These moments are coming more often then they used to, and I don’t always have a big story around them. So today we are adding the Simon Says category to Kid Amnesiac so I can quickly tag funny things he says before I forget them.

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