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Simon-isms, that is. We’ve had some amusing ones crop up in the last few days.

Scene 1: It’s the evening wind-down, and Simon is supposed to be getting ready for his bath. He’s been summoned to the bedroom to disrobe, but instead turns towards the stairs and begins the head down them.

Matt: Where are you going, Simon?

Simon: I’m going to California.

Matt: Okay. Let me know when you get there!

For a while there, everyone and everything was going to the beach, an unexpected development for a kid growing up in a land-locked state.

Scene II: A hot spring day. Both cats have assumed warm-weather, prostrate postures. Tristan is lying in the middle of the living room, belly up, feet splayed. He likes to air his belly, that one. Simon takes one look at him and declares:

Tristan is so lazy.

Yup, we say that all that time. We also say our cats are “rotten.” I’m beginning to think Simon is going to give his care-takers a very misguided notion of his home-life. Which brings us to:

I crush you. I need more crush. More crush, Mommy. More crush, Daddy.

That would be a part of our bed-time wrestling games. “Crushing” involves rolling with him and fake pouncing on him and frequently ends with zerbits on the stomach. We crush Simon every night, usually to the point of his getting the hiccups.

And finally, we’ve reached a right here, right now phase of speech. Everything is right here (or there) and right now. As in,

I need bunny treat right now. I need drink of water right now. Car go zooming by right there. Tiny tunnel right here. It raining right now. Uncle Dave go play in closet right now….

It’s endless. And, for me at least, endlessly amusing. Now that Simon’s speech has developed into full sentences and his pronunciation has similarly matured, we find that the amusement of how he says stuff (“dee-dee”) has been supplanted by the amusement of what he says.

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