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Simon Says II

It’s been a busy, busy week with friends. We’ve been to parks, to Art Sparks at the Speed Museum, and just today Huber Family Farm. Simon and Alise have played beautifully together, and his heart will be broken when Christine, AKA “Alise’s Mommy”, leaves tomorrow.

I’ll have time for that later. For now, some quick jottings of funny things said before I forget.

Simon: “I need drink of water.”

Me: “Say please.”

Simon: “Peas.”

Me: “OK. Here you go, honey.”

Simon: “I welcome!”

Kind of like bitte….

Me: What’s your name?

Simon: Simon

Me: What’s your full name?

Simon: Simon Wolfson Ruffruff (or Riffraff)

And here I thought the “Wolfson” was the tongue-twister in that one!

Reading fuzzy yellow ducklings. The pattern should be color, shape, animal:

Whita, Rectangle, Sheeps!

Blue, Moon (crescent), Sharks!

Didn’t correct either. Too damned cute.

Looking at family photos:

“G’night Aunt Tia. Aunt Tia handsome.”

Good eye, that one.

General comment when worried about falling:

“Simon no break his face!”

That would be Matt’s expression.

And a bonus entry for June 3:

“I need Daddy pot (Neti pot). I do it myself.”

Then he proceeded to dump a Neti pot of bath water around his nose. Given his allergies, it’s probably a good thing that he wants to try. Given that he was sitting in (colored) bath water and filled his pot with the same, it’s an equally good thing that he failed on that attempt.

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