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Simon has been saying this thing I think is hilarious for a few months now. The problem is, most of those I know will have to have the joke explained to them. And you know what they say about having to explain a joke, right?

So I’m specifying my audience here. This joke is primarily for Amanda and Kate. To others who immediately get it and I left off, I apologize. I will take a minute and explain it, too.

Simon likes to play the “fort” game. When we play fort, we usually hide under blankets or couch cushions, and the entire game is comprised of Simon getting into and out of the “fort.” Matt or I have to stay in the “fort” for the entire duration of the game, which typically ends when one of us feels asphyxiation is near.

I’m not sure why this game is universally called “fort”, since last I checked forts are not usually made of blankets or pillows. It would seem as though Simon doesn’t get it, either, as when he plays the game he calls it…

… “souk”

Which is funny and apt. I get why the “f” to “s” transference happened. We hear about “sire engines” and “Sosia”, too. If Simon says something I can’t understand, my first stop is to replace the “s” with an “f” and see if I get anywhere. The “k” bit is a total mystery, unless Simon’s Mediterranean genes come with an established lexicon. I’m also thinking calling our game “souk” is a better fit for Simon than “fort”, as he has no aggressive bone in his body (to date, at least), but loves to go shopping at the grocery, hardware, or shoe store.

OK, so what’s a souk? A souk is a traditional open air market place in an Arab or Berber settlement. These days, many of them are in modern cities and look like malls, but in some places you can still come across a vast array of open air, tented, stalls. He unintentionally gave our game a perfect name.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I think “souk” is much more apt. They tend to be stultifyingly crowded and occasionally give me bouts of asphyxia.

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