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That would be the (incorrect) past tense of “go”, in case you were curious. I learned it just this morning when Simon woke up, called for me, and started to talk a mile a minute.

“Mommy, turn on the light. No, [pointing up at the ceiling after I turn on a desk lamp], that light. Mommy, I want to go downstairs and watch Kee-yus George. Keeyus George go to the doctor. Simon goed to the doctor, too. Simon did see Dr. Kawen.”

He had a lot to say this morning, and could clearly communicate for the first time the difference between the present or present progressive and the past. He adds this primitive understanding of the past tense (stick a “d” at the end!) to his primitive understanding of plurals (stick an “s” at the end!), his pretty mature understanding of adverbs (slow, fast, crazy), adjectives (handsome, pretty, cute, light, bright, dark, tiny, loud, and scary just to name a few), prepositions (to, in, on, under), and possessives (Simon’s treat, Mommy’s car, Daddy’s office.)

Next up: Getting his pronouns straight. If Simon wants me to chase him, he will often call out “I chase you!” repeating my words without understanding they are always relative to the speaker’s perspective. It’s super cute, but sometimes a bit confusing…

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