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Solution and Simon

We all scream for ice cream

We all scream for ice cream

Ah, the simple joys of summer. For Simon, these include stomping around in Grandma’s garden, throwing rocks into the creek, and eating ice cream. On a warm (but not hot) sunny day, it’ s hard to argue with his logic.

I’ll upload more soon, but here’s a favorite picture from tonight.

And now, a solution to last night’s riddle. The person pictured in the post below, who in that picture at least I do think looks like me, is my Great Aunt Reva. And before you say, “Ah, an aunt–that makes sense” let me add the twist: She’s an aunt by marriage. Until her death several years ago, she was married to my Great Uncle Dave, who in turn is my maternal grandmother’s (my Bubbie’s) older brother.

Uncle Dave turns 100 next week, and his son found the picture while sorting through old photos.  He sent it to me along with a note saying that he understands he should not be seeing my face in his mother’s, but that he and his wife undeniably were. Funny that. Could be a fluke with this picture. Could be the reality of a shallow gene pool in the shtetl. We’ ll never know, but it’s been interesting to see a face like my own from 86 years and two generations ago.

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  1. Amanda says:

    After years of thinking I looked like NOBODY in my family, I found a photo of my great-grandmother Gertrude Myrtle (no kidding, that really is her name) when she was about 16, and suddenly I felt like I belonged in the family after all. On another note, man, is Simon getting big!

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