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This morning, for the first time since his last morning in the NICU on October 19, 2006, Simon awoke somewhere with neither of his parents present.

Yesterday he spent the night at his Grandma and Pappaw’s house, and according to this morning’s report, all went well. He played; he watched a movie and ate popcorn; and he stayed up way past his bed-time.

That sounds about right for a sleepover!

Then he told his Grandma he was tired and needed to “go sleepy”, at which point he and Evie crashed together in the giant king-sized bed where Simon is accustomed to napping.

That, the asking to go to to bed part, sounds about right for my boy.

I can’t help but think of this as a pretty huge milestone. He’s never spent this much time apart from both of us. He’s never spent the night away from both of us. For that matter, it’ s been nearly a year since he’s spent the night anywhere other than his own crib or bed. I’m very happy to learn that he can handle an overnight, as, assuming Jim and Evie aren’t wiped out by it, it will give Matt and me some options down the road for going out or even taking short overnight trips that we have not done to date.

The optimal word in that last sentence? “date”.  Last night we worked full days, ate a home-cooked meal, went to the movies (“Bruno”, not exactly a rom-com), and then hit Highland Coffee Company for a treat. It was nice. It was like old times. But to be honest, I’ll be ready to have Simon tucked in the room next door to mine by tonight. Reliving old times is great in small doses, but my new life is much cozier and happier. The house just seemed too quiet for comfort last night.

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  1. bethnbobinnc says:

    We’ve done a few of the Grandma sleepovers and it is really nice to have a night to ourselves. I agree, though, that one night seems to have been enough for now and I’m always ready to go get them the next morning. There’s something about waking up to a 3 year old’s heavy breathing in your face…… Hope you had fun!

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