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Off to a Good Start

Whew! So far so good.

School started today, and I marked the occasion last night with a visit by the anxiety fairy. Simon, bless him, didn’t quite get what the big deal was. After all, he knows the building. Camp threw him in with older kids. Ms. Shary was back to give him a high five at the door. What was the big deal?

He did inform us this morning that “I don’t want to to go to school; I want to go to camp.” But I’m pretty sure that on the first day of camp I heard him state clearly “I don’t want to go to camp; I want to go to school.” So that’s just down to semantics.

When it was time to leave the house, he happily grabbed his back-pack, happily walked down the stairs alone, and happily got himself and his backpack into the car. Once we arrived at school, he happily put on his back-pack, happily ran up the ramp to the door, happily high-fived Shary, and happily ran to the water fountain. There were some nerves when he faced his new room, open this morning to allow the two two-year-old classes to mingle, but soon enough he was happily putting his back-pack into the cubby with his name on it and then happily sitting next to old friend Caroline and drawing in his very own note-book.

I’m sure we’ll have a wobble or two. He’s still my super sensitive, super change resistant son, but it would seem that I greatly underestimated how much he’s grown in the past year. Or just forgot in a fit of nerves.

Regardless. Whew!

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