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Say What?

I’ve gotten some unexpected responses to pretty simple questions of late. Such as:

Jessica: “How was school today, Simon?”

Simon: “I have to stop crying at school.”

Right. I guess I know what the theme this week has been.

Jessica: “Are you friends with Anieya at school?”

Simon: “Yeah. Anieya cried. I cried. Anieya hurt her leg. She got a band aid. She had to go to the hospital. But she’s OK.”

I thought this was total fantasy, but now I think I know where it’s coming from. Stay tuned.

Jessica to Ella’s father at open house: “Hi, I’m Simon’s mother. Simon talks about your daughter all the time.”

Ella’s father: “Oh? Did she whack him over the head with her leg?”

Excuse me? Now, this would have stunned me into silence, except for…

Jessica to Ms. Jill: “Is Simon friends with Ella? We’re hearing a lot about her lately.”

Ms. Jill: “Oh yes. But she might have scared him this week. She has a prosthetic leg, and she took it off earlier this week. Some of the kids were freaked out.”

I think that must be the Anieya story. I’m guessing the teachers explained why Ella has a prosthetic leg, and I heard the confused toddler version.

So there’s a snapshot of early days in the twos, brought to you by conversations taking an unexpected turn.

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