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Such a Tease

Matt and I have thought for ages that Simon has demonstrated a sense of humor. But then we’d try to remember what he said or did that seemed funny, and we’d either forget or end up with something that required a lot of interpretation.

Sunday night, though, we got a full blown joke. Matt was reading him I Love You Goodnight when Simon took over. And lo and behold, in Simon’s reading, every single page said “I love you like boots love splashing in puddles.” This included pages with mice eating cheese, wind blowing though trees, bears eating strawberry milkshakes, and vines climbing trees. Simon would look at these various pictures, stick to his line about puddles, and then cackle like a madman.

When it was lights out and Matt went to tuck him in and say goodnight, Simon looked up at his Daddy and earnestly explained, just in case he didn’t get it before:

“I was teasing, Daddy.”

Of course he was.

Then, yesterday, I had a hard time convincing Simon it was time to put on his clothes. Our conversation went something like this.

“Simon, it’s time to put on your clothes.”

“No, I don’t want to put on my clothes right now.”

“Well, that may be, honey, but it’s time. We’re running late. You don’t want to wear your pajamas to school, do you?

“Yeah. I wear my Batman to school today.” [His pajamas have Batman on them; he loves this even though to the best of my knowledge he has no idea who Batman is.]

“You want to wear your pajamas to school?”

“No mama. I was just teasing.”

And then he submitted to the clothes change, giggling all the while at his own joke.

There’s more of this. Actually, a lot more. But I’m just not at the point yet where I’m ready to dictate fart jokes. And it would appear that lodged somewhere on the y-chromosome, between the as-yet-unexpressed “everything is a gun” gene and the just emerged “car crashes are cool gene” is the “gas is hilarious” gene.

You’ll  just have to trust him on this one!

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  1. Amanda says:

    I think the “loves Batman even though he has no idea who Batman is” is also an effect of the y-chromosome. Along with being able to talk about sport that one does not watch or participate in (I’m talking about you, Dr. Miller.)

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