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The Time of His Life

When Matt and I collapsed in bed Friday night, we both had the feeling that Simon was dreaming happy dreams, reliving what had almost certainly been the happiest day of his life.

Simon was too young to understand his first birthday and got scared when everyone sang to him. Last year, I planned way too much party for the boy and overwhelmed him. This year, however, the combination of better planning on my part and an extra year on Simon’s resulted in his having a fantastic birthday weeked.

Fired Up!

Fired Up!

Yes, I did say weekend. The festivities began Friday at school, when Simon wore a birthday crown, had ice cream and cookies in his class, and then had the whole school sing to him during the Shabbat program. When he came home, he was so fired up that he had a short, fitfull nap. I know he was fired up because when Matt went to get him he announced, “I’m fired up, Daddy!”

At 5:30, the family came over for dinner, cake and ice cream, and presents. Whereas last year I hosted well over 30 people, this year we pared the list down to immediate family and kept it at a manageable 17. Simon greeted everyone excitedly (“Hello! Hello!”) and greedily (“Oooh, a present for me!”), ate a decent dinner, recognized the dalmation on his cake as Pongo, sat and let everyone sing to him, successfully blew out his candles, and gobbled down cake and ice cream with abandon.

The Perfect Pumpkin

The Perfect Pumpkin

Then he tore into his presents. What a haul! Curious George balls and bats. A bridge and coal tumbler for his Thomas railway system. A remote control Silverado. Mac and Lightening McQueen. A marble run. An adorable stuffed farm set. And that was in addition to the play tent, backpack, and Cranky the Crane (also Thomas) he got the night before at Jim and Evie’s. The only dud in the bunch was the camera Matt and I got him, which turned to out to not work. But even that sorted itself out the next day after a quick run to Target for an exchange.

Saturday was all about a lazy morning playing with his new toys and catching up on his sleep. And Matt’s first ever migraine, but that’s a whole ‘nother story…  Then today we went with Leah and Sophie to Gallrein farms for pumpkin picking, a tractor ride, a petting zoo, hay stacks, and more presents.

It was a busy, happy weekend filled with family, friends, food, blue skies, crisp autumn weather, and a puppy cake. It was, in other words, perfect.

2 Responses to “The Time of His Life”

  1. Amanda says:

    Yay Simon on a great party. Poor Matt on a not-so-great migraine, they’re awful. I’ve only had a couple and I never want one again. Feel better!

  2. bethnbobinnc says:

    Happy Birthday, Simon! Sorry I’m late with my wishes. Glad to hear that he had a good time at his party. We’ve got a gift that is waiting to be mailed. Give him a kiss for us!

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