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A Goventure

Just in the past few weeks,  Simon has begun to really unleash his imagination in play. It’s been amazing–and hilarious–to watch.

Here’s one sample to take us into the weekend. We’re in the bathtub, and Simon is playing with the foam numbers we used to line up on the wall. They stick together reasonably well, and Simon has discovered that he can create a floating stack in the tub he calls a boat. As boats go, this one is not terribly sea-worthy. Letters are constantly tumbling off the top, and Simon spends as much time trying to keep his boat intact as he does playing with it.

Two nights ago, we overheard this as part of his tub play time:

“You stay on the boat. Stay on the boat, now. Don’t fall off again. That’s not nice for me. The boat is on the River Thames. The boat is on a goventure.”

Why “goventure”? For the same reason “banana” is “gobana”. Which is to say, I have no idea, but it makes me laugh out loud.

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