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From three years ago today:

Today is a special day for me for three reasons:

1. It’s Pearl Harbor Day. That one’s a gimmee.

2. It’s my zadie’s birthday. Lester M. Wolfson was born on December 7, 1911. Even though he died almost 13 years ago, I still think about him often and miss him very much. Simon’s middle name, Wolfson, is to honor my zadie. For that matter, both of my brothers named their sons after zadie as well. He was that special.

3. Today was the year’s first snow and Simon’s first snow ever. I held him up to the window so he could see the flakes fall, then brought him over to the glider for a nice long morning snuggle session. He makes a lovely hot water bottle.

Wouldn’t you know it that today, exactly three years later, we woke up to the first snow (a dusting, but still…) again on Pearl Harbor Day and my Zadie’s birthday? The difference is that it’s now been almost 16 years since he died, this year Simon remembered what snow was and could talk about it, and Simon invited me to snuggle with him since morning rocking sessions ended a  long time ago. Unchanged is that snow is still a novelty Simon was fascinated by (last winter was a long time ago for a three-year-old), that morning snuggle sessions are still welcome in whatever shape they take, and that I still miss my Zadie very much.

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