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Quick Follow-Up

I have a long, gory story to tell about our vacation in Gatlinburg. I’ve titled it “Smokey Mountain Misery”, but Matt’s suggestion, “Escape from Ski Mountain” captures it equally well. I’ll give you a hint as to what went wrong: Freak winter storm.

But before we get there, a quick follow-up to the race talk is in order. One day after the big talk, which took place in our rented mountain house atop Ski Mountain in the Smokies, we found ourselves in a soulless corporate hotel in downtown Gatlinburg. Matt looked at the matching lamps that flanked the bed and said “Look Simon! We’ve got identical twin lamps in here.”

Simon smiled, and then said, [pointing to the first] “That lamp’s Jillian. [pointing to the second] And that lamp’s Anieya.”

So glad we cleared that up!

I have two questions now:

  1. When will this embarrass me in public?
  2. Will the objects under discussion be understanding and amused, like my friend Gabriel was, or am I going to have TWO problems to deal with?

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