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Three Year Check-Up

Simon went to the doctor on Wednesday, and it was a strange, strange visit. Strange because he was reduced to near hysteria when being measured and weighed, which should be no big deal, and strange because he was absolutely fine with Dr. Newstadt’s exam, which used to be a very big deal. The only thing I can think is that we prepared him for Dr. Newstadt very well and then forgot to mention the bit with the nurse first. Maybe he thought we were pulling a bait and switch? I don’t know .

Anyway, stats for my 3-year(and two month)-old are:

  • Height: 38 1/2 maybe. He was wriggly. 65th percentile, down from 75th
  • Weight: 31 pounds. 45th percentile, up a bit from 40th
  • Speech: “beautiful” (Yay!)
  • Hemoglobin: Normal (Yay! He tested slightly anaemic last year.)
  • BMI: 14.7. In super-model realm at the 12th percentile, but certainly fatter than he used to be. THANK GOODNESS. If he keeps this up, he may be able to hold his pants up.

More on funny things said, a play-date, and Christmas to follow. Have a great holiday everyone.

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