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Simon had an unusually good and funny day yesterday. I don’t plan to recount the entire day, but I do want to get down the two lines he got off that made me laugh out loud before I forget.

The first came when I returned from a trip to Target and an errand on Bardstown Road. Simon was eager to see me off, and I got the distinct impression he wanted some one-on-one time with Matt. Once I returned home, I could better understand why. I had barely opened the door and registered the half-eaten cupcake on Simon’s little table and the Highland Coffee Company cup in Matt’s hand when Simon looked me in the eye and said:

We got busted.

Yup, kiddo, you sure did. And never, might I add, has Simon looked or sounded more like his father. By now, Simon knows that Matt is the easier cafe mark than I am, and he is working on his divide-and-conquer strategies. Next up, honey, you’ll want to work on the subterfuge. BOTH OF YOU.

After dinner, we had a play-date with Simon’ s neighbor and friend Ruby. It might have just been the best they’ve ever played together. They chased each other, laughed together, screamed together, and never fought over sharing or taking turns that I saw. I think by now they trust each other; it’s very sweet.

Also sweet? When Ruby came into the kitchen where Matt and I were chatting with Ruby’s father and admiring his handiwork (he just renovated his kitchen and did all the work himself). Simon ran after her, and once he found her he innocently and enthusiastically suggested with a child’s innocence:

Come on Ruby. Let’s go to your room and snuggle.

My neighbor joked that we were raising a little lothario, and we all laughed out loud. But I have to say that upon reflection, I’m pleased with what it says about Simon’s nature and his home life.

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  1. blg says:

    Busted! I love it.

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