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Tuckered Out, Tucked In

Mushing in the back yard

I was all set to post this little picture and then mock complain about how much my legs are going to hurt from dragging Simon around in a sled for an hour today in 7 inches of snow. I say mock complain because even when it’s a hassle, snow is awfully pretty in the winter, and it is/was ever so much more fun to play in the snow with Simon than it would be to log in and work as usual.  School is canceled again for tomorrow, but the plow that came down our street tonight means we won’t be able to sled our way around the block again.

Anyway, my mock complaint was all set up. Then Simon went and did something completely new tonight. When I finished reading his second sleepy book (this is what I call the last two books I read to him every night, as both are specific to bedtime), he turned himself over onto his stomach, reached around to grab the covers, pulled them up to his neck, and settled back comfortably into bed. He tucked himself in!

In the seven months he’s been in his big-boy bed, he has never even come close to tucking himself in. Just a week or so ago he woke up in the middle of the night and Matt or I had to tuck him back in to prevent the cold from keeping him awake. Heck, it wasn’t too long ago I was looking into a sleep sack that would fit him. And now my baby has gone and learned to take care of this little task himself.

On a related note, it was just this weekend that Simon demanded to learn how to spread cheese and hummus (not together, mind you) on crackers. It had never occurred to me to teach him how to do this before, and it had never occurred to him to ask. Then Saturday he wanted to do it himself, and by Sunday he was doing it with no help at all.  It’s funny how such little things signal such big changes. I’m thinking maybe next year he can pull the sled himself.

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  1. blg says:

    Pull *you* in the sled?

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