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Simon’s Clues

Simon is in love with a show that ceased production the year he was born. The love affair was launched nearly a year ago,  when my mother popped an old VHS tape of Blue’s Clues into her player.  I wondered then if the show would stand the test of time. Did it ever.

He adores Blue’s Clues. And while the show remains a once-a-week treat at Bubbie’s house, we did dig up some old books a few weeks ago (these formerly belonging to Liv, Maddie, and Ben) to bring the magic home. You would think after a dozen or so readings, the mystery behind Blue’s Cool Idea would lose some of its power. But Simon still shrieks with delight every time he sees a blue paw print on the orange juice carton, the pop sticks, and the freezer. (Blue’s solution for cooling off on a hot summer day? Frozen juice pops.)

So deep does his love run, that he’s begun trying to wheedle his way into things he wants by offering me clues. Last week, Simon was angling for a glass of orange juice. His normal M.O. would be to fix me with the most sparkling smile possible, cock his head to the side, and launch a full-on charm assault. The smile and cocked head were still there, but this time Simon threw in some clues to help further his cause.

“Mama. I think I’d like a little something to drink. Maybe something really cold that’s in the fridgerator. Maybe something with a “j” in it. Mama? What do you think? Maybe something that’s orange, too.”

He got the glass.

Then yesterday, he tried it again:

“Mama, I think I’d like a little snack. Maybe something hot. Something that has icing on it. A hot cross bun!”

He sort of gave it up that time. And once more, his tactic was effective. You could say I’m giving in or being manipulated, but I figure this degree of cleverness deserves to be rewarded. Plus, I have a weakness for hot cross buns and OJ myself.

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