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A photo essay.

I still maintain that my shoes convey much information about my state of mind. Earlier, I documented my transformation from urbanite to earth mother to rejuvenated working mom.

Now, right on schedule, my jonquils have bloomed, and my glorious career has been boxed up mailed to Boston and Berkeley. So what does unemployment look like?

Well, it looks like this:

The future's so bright, he has to wear shades.

That’s Simon playing ball in the front yard tonight. Matt was off at a friend’s house, and the two of us had a lovely evening together.

And how does this relate to shoes? Easy. My foot is excruciatingly hard to fit. Last year I had little success for spring/summer shoes, nor did I fare well the year before that or the year before that. To round out my spring/summer shoe wardrobe, I need nearly everything except for super-casual sandals. But I didn’t buy nearly everything–my new budget doesn’t allow that. Nope, I bought two pairs.

I bought these:

Ecco Yarrah

The Ecco Yarrah sport mary jane in shadow white/concrete is what I plan to wear when I’m out on walks and running around in the park with Simon. I got them on sale at Dillard’s, and I will have to scotch guard them before I dare wear them out, because these poor shoes are going to be abused.

And I bought these:

Castaner Irina

Aren’t they amazing? This is the Castaner Irina 3.5″ espadrille in black denim with gold buckle and ankle straps. Made in Spain. Ordered from Spain at espadrillesetc.com. These are for when Simon is with a sitter and Mommy gets to go out with Daddy and be fabulous. These shoes are all about sunny summer days with nary a care in the world. I hope that they, too, get abused this season.

2 Responses to “Maternal Sole II: How I Plan to Spend My Summer”

  1. Amanda says:

    Jealous. No heels from Amanda no mo’. My butt-ugly (but definitely therapeutic) orthotics don’t work in heels, or sandals. Boo hoo!

  2. blg says:

    For a variety of boring reasons, I can no longer wear anything more than a one inch heel.
    But, as I walked to the train this afternoon, I was reminded of how sexy high heels are. Say what you will about comfort and practicality, they sure do look great.

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