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Seven months on, Simon’s Oedipal phase continues unabated. He loves it when Matt throws him on the bed, administers “the pile-driver” maneuver, or takes him to the “library” (AKA, coffee shop), but I’m the one he still hoards time with and gives the most spontaneous hugs and kisses to. He’s also taken to calling me “my girl”, something he learned in reference to Evie from his Papaw.

A few days ago things took a funny—if inappropriate—conversational turn.

Simon is doing his thing, and I jokingly—and inappropriately—say to him, “Simon, can I call you Oedipus?” (I know, I know…)

Simon fixed me with a curious stare. “No, Mommy. You can call me—-”

I knew what was coming. This was the part where Simon indignantly tells me “You call me Simon. He’s in a vehement anti-nickname phase at the moment, too.”


I didn’t see that coming! How cute and funny. And apt.

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  1. Amanda says:

    “Let me call you sweetheart, I’m in love with you…” What a sweetie! An apt nickname, to be sure.

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