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Kitty Friend Update

Thanks to everyone for their happy pet stories after I posted about Kitty Friend. It looks like Kitty Friend’s story is getting added to the pile.

He has now been with Jim and Evie for two weeks. They both think he’s just as sweet and wonderful as I did, and the new family seems to be bonding together well. Simon gets to see him on Thursdays, and from what I hear he and the cat both enjoy these reunions immensely.

Last week, Kitty Friend was neutered, and he’s gotten the first round of all his shots. His coat is now clean and glossy,  hair is growing back on the bald patches of his ears, the puncture wounds on his head have all healed, and he’s sporting a hot pink color that looks glorious against his sable coat. Being inside and loved for two weeks has done him a world of good.

And while he’ll always be “Kitty Friend” to me, his new name is Theo Jr., ” TJ” for short. All’s well that ends well.

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