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Two quick anecdotes before I forget.


While irregular past tense verbs still  mostly elude him, and while yesterday and last week are still more or less interchangeable, we are getting more reliable reports these days. A few mornings ago, Matt and I were awakened by a loud pop at around 6:00 a.m. It sounded like a transformer blowing, but we weren’t interested in investigating. We just wanted to go back to sleep and hoped that Simon would stay asleep. The next morning, Matt asked Simon if he had heard “the big explosion” last night. To which Simon replied,

“Yes, Daddy. The blue fire came in my window and waked me up.”

Yup, definitely a transformer. And thanks for going back to sleep without calling for us, Simon!


We’re seeing and hearing a lot more imaginative play from Simon. Sometimes this gets combined with his understanding of narrative structure and results in stilted exchanges. A good example came a few nights ago when  Simon was playing with his fire engine. He was rolling it up the foot-board on his bed when Matt and I heard him say,

“‘Oh No! I’ll get stuck,’ he thought to himself.”

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  1. blg says:

    Sometimes I stop doing something, thinking, “Oh No! I’ll get stuck”

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