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Playoff Fever

Looks like all those super-late bedtimes are paying off. Below is a transcript of an actual conversation in the basement tonight:

Simon: “Let’s shoot some hoops, Mommy.”

I take a shot from the couch and sink it in his toy goal.

Simon: “No, Mommy! Not like that. Slam dunk it!”

Feeling silly, I stuff the ball dramatically in the three-foot goal.

“Great job, Mommy! I’m Rondo. And you’re Kevin Garnett. He’s serious. And Daddy is Paul Pierce!”

I’m really glad he didn’t make me “Big Baby” Davis. Go Celtics!

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  1. blg says:

    I love how color blind little kids are.
    Makes me think of my friend Nancy, whose son wanted to be Curtis Granderson for Halloween. (He used to play for the Detroit Tigers; he is black)
    It never once occurred to her son to apply blackface — he just wanted the correctly numbered jersey.

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