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My mom’s cat Barret died from liver failure Saturday, and my own cat, Percival, is in renal failure and may not have much longer himself. It’s been a tough, tough week or so around here. And when I say “tough”, I mean I have cried buckets every day for a week now. (I’ve held off blogging about this because, as I have just discovered, I am comfortable broadcasting my little anxieties and quirks to the world, but not genuine heartache.)

So yesterday I had to have a chat with Simon.

“Simon, honey, I have to tell you something very serious. Percy is sick.”

“Is he going to get better?”

“I don’t think so. I’m doing all I can to help him, but I don’t think he’s going to get better.”

“Are you going to take him to the doctor?”

“Yes, Percy goes back to the doctor tomorrow. But he might not be able to help either.”

“Oh, Mommy, we’ll take him to the doctor and then bring him home and he’ll be new again.”

“I wish it worked like that honey, but it doesn’t. He’s very old and very sick, and I don’t think he’s going to get better.” I said this bit through choked tears.

“Mommy? Is that a tear-drop?”

“Yes, honey, it is. I’m very sad right now.”


“Because Percy is very sick, and I love him.”

“You know what will make you feel better, Mommy? A big, giant hug… [and he hugged me and held on fiercely] and a kiss right here on your arm [and he sweetly pecked me on the arm].”

“And you know what else will make you feel better? A toy!”

[And he went and brought me his second fastest hot wheel, Stingray.]

“Do you feel better, Mommy?”

“Oh, honey, I do. You always make me feel better.”

And, if I’m honest, a little bit worse, too. The combination of sweetness, misunderstanding, and naiveté was kind of heart-breaking on its own merits.

Coda: Percy had a better Sunday than Saturday, and today he got more fluids at the vet. He’s still not eating enough, but if we can get the bare minimum into him and continue the fluids, there’s a chance we might be able to manage his condition for a while and preserve a decent quality of life. Only time will tell.

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  1. christine says:

    I’m so sorry, Jessica. Hang in there, Percy!

  2. blg says:

    I hate to comment without reading the intervening posts, but I feel compelled to mention that I am grateful you included “preserve a decent quality of life.”

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