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Lad Lit

In which our Anglophile trend continues and takes an unexpected turn.

Despite the prevalence of myriad American guitar and bass guitar magazines, Matt, perhaps not too surprisingly, found himself preferring two British titles. They cost a fortune at the newsstand and not much less when you subscribe. Can size A-4 paper really cost that much more? And more to the point, can this preference be genetic?

I ask because Saturday Matt took Simon out to run some errands, including a trip to Borders to feed the magazine beast. Matt picked up a couple of (British?) guitar magazines, and Simon went straight to the car section. After careful consideration, he arrived at his favorite: BBC’s Top Gear. List price £3.95. That ended up being one pricey magazine for a boy who can’t read.

Then again, he loves it. He sits on the couch and on his bed and flips through it, one page at a time, and wants me to talk about all the cars in it. This last bit is trying, as I can do nothing but comment on the colors. But who knows? If I can learn the three different Shinkansen train lines (Kodama, Hikari, and Nozomi, in ascending order of speed), I suppose I can muster up some knowledge about things automotive.

I knew having kids would be a learning experience, but I have to say I didn’t realize exactly what shape this learning would take.

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