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See You Next Week

Hi Everyone,

I have so many thoughts swirling in my head I could burst, but they will all have to wait until next Tuesday. I’m off for a (too) quick trip to Trondheim (!) for a friend’s wedding, and I am not taking my computer with me. Sacrilege, I know. But my least favorite thing about business travel back in the day was lugging the cumbersome laptop with me. I’ve almost made it a contest to see how light I can pack for this trip. Plus, what if, heaven forbid, I spend less of my precious time staring at fjords, marveling at a gothic cathedral, or visiting a folk museum because I just had to check my email, write one quick thing, etc.?

Nope. I’m doing this low-tech with one exception: I have loaded four books and all my travel documents onto my e-reader and am thrilled beyond measure to contain a literary smorgasbord (or is that koldtbord?) in one slim case. That will leave plenty of room in my carry-on to bring back Norwegian milk chocolate and maybe a long-coveted Dale of Norway sweater for Simon.

See you next week!

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