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Photo Catch-Up

Ooof. I got a bit behind. Partly, this is a matter of my rather busy schedule of late. But mostly it’s because ever since I got my new computer, I’ve been stuck with Vista. And the geniuses at Microsoft decided to strip the “Publish photos to the web” function from Vista. So instead of selecting and uploading a full album’s worth of photos in one fell swoop, I am stuck doing it manually 3-4 photos at a time.

Right up there with the lack of “edit” on the Word 7 “ribbon”, it makes me wonder if Microsoft just hates its customers. These look more like displays of contempt than reasonable design choices. Me and Microsoft: trapped in a marriage of mutual loathing.

Anyway, today I set out to catch up.  Part of August is missing, all of September is vacant, and I’m still missing the non-wedding bits from Trondheim, but I do at least have Simon’s birthday photos and our Asheville trip up. More anon. Three-to-four photos at a time, muttering about Microsoft (hate them! hate! hate! HATE!) all the time….

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  1. blg says:

    Will try not to mention the “hate” to Joan.

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