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Super Friends

We blame Baron. We had Simon’s costume all figured out for this year (he was going to be a hobbit), then Baron had to go and spoil it by introducing Simon to super heroes. We thought it cute and fun when Simon starting putting out his hand and making “Spcchhhh” sounds as he “threw fire” on us and invisible-but-deadly monsters. And it was cute and fun, right up to the minute he informed us that he wanted to be Iron Man for Halloween.

Iron Man? Really? Has the rush to copy-cat, cheap, nylon costumes already begun?

“No Simon, you’ll be a hobbit. Like Pippen, remember?”

“No! I’m going to be Iron Man!”

“But remember, you liked the idea of being Pippen. You can wear the cape and the….”

“Spchhhhh! Iron Man!”

Then I got devious. I went to Target, bought the (cheap, cookie-cutter) Iron Man costume, walked in the door, said nothing, and held it up in front of Simon. I assumed that since we have never showed him one Iron Man movie, book, action figure or the like, that he would have no idea what this costume was and the case could be closed.

Then he looked up at me, flashed a huge smile, and screamed,

“Iron Man! Thank you Mommy for getting me an Iron Man costume.”

And then he insisted we try it on right away.

Well, I sure showed him, didn’t I?  Reluctantly, the hobbit costume in progress got put up. Maybe in a couple of years when the movie is out, we’ll try again. Much as  hate to see him join an anonymous crowd of super heroes and princesses, it is his holiday, so he should be able to choose.

As for Baron, just look at these two. They held hands during the entire school parade, smiled at each other, and stuck together all morning. And they missed each other terribly the week Simon was home sick. I really can’t begrudge him anything. If I’m so sold on the hobbit idea, I’ll just have to dress up as one myself.

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