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Too Much Artoo?

Like his father and uncle before him, Simon spent the day after Thanksgiving watching the Star Wars trilogy. (That would be episodes IV-VI; in our house the first three don’t exist.) Referred to as “Artoo”, after R2-D2, Simon is a fan. He loves R2D2 and C-3PO, likes it when Darth Vader turns good at the end, alternately says “the one where they go to Hoth” (The Empire Strikes Back) or “the one with Jaba the Hut” (Return of the Jedi) when asked about his favorite, and has noted that Leia, the princess, and Leah, his friend, sound an awful lot alike.

On two occasions, one witnessed and the other reported to me, I have been given cause to wonder if Simon is not over-identifying with Han Solo. On the first, upon knocking over a glass of water, he looked up at me and immediately declared:

“It’s not my fault.”

On the second, witnessed by Matt, his friend Caroline said “I love you” on a play-date. Simon’s response:

“I know.”

If this doesn’t ring any bells, you might want to re-watch “the one where they go to Hoth.” It’s our favorite, too.

2 Responses to “Too Much Artoo?”

  1. Amanda says:

    Well, Han was always my favorite.

  2. Matthew says:

    The other day I asked Simon to try to do something. “There is no ‘try’,” he told me.

    I have informed him that what Yoda says frequently sounds cool, but is not necessarily applicable to real world situations.

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