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Last night was my mom’s annual Chanukah party, and today my house looks a lot like what I expect many homes do on December 26. We’ve got boxes and paper everywhere, the place is dirty, and until lunch all of us were still in pajamas playing with new toys.

We were a bit worried yesterday was going to be a bust. The night before Simon woke up on four occasions and a hard time getting back to sleep each time.  His self reported issue was having scary dreams of a Scooby Doo epidode with a mummy in it. We won’t be watching that one again! Regardless of the true cause, we all began a tightly booked Saturday tired and crabby.

Things got infinitely better when Greg and Ruby popped over to help us bake Chanukah cookies:

Junior Bakers

The kids did a remarkably good job, and I’m very thankful “Mr. Greg” was around to help. I am not a baker, so having an adult around who knew the best way to teach the kids really made the day a success. Plus, Ruby and Simon play together beautifully. Double plus, how cute was Ruby with those bunny ears on?

Next up, mom’s house for the big event. New to the gathering this year: the Kwai family. Not at all new: Agotich falling in love with the toy cash register. Purchased for Nathan in about 1995, it’s entertained every kid in the family since (and their parents!).

Agotich and the Kid Magnet

Also not new: Simon and his Uncle Steve horsing around and having a blast while they were at it:

Careful He Doesn't Hurl!

By now, this affair has a comfortable ring to it. Dreidel is  played. Presents are passed out from youngest to oldest. I incur at least one minor injury while peeling and/or grating seven pounds of potatoes. The youngest kids end up with the biggest boxes. Someone leaves something behind. The 2010 rundown is as follows:

  • Sadly missing family member: Perry, who had a work emergency.
  • Kid who changes clothes on the spot first: Maddie into her peace sign pajamas.
  • Injury list: Tie: Me, for peeler accident that has left left middle finger very sore. Mom, for overuse of right shoulder.
  • Kid most fixated with toy: Simon with his light saber. Could hardly look at anything else.
  • Hilarious misconception of toy: Agotich, trying to climb into the baby doll stroller.
  • Too many or two few latkes? Too many. Next year six pounds of potatoes…
  • Ridiculously early or late? Early.  Next year, it’s too late and overlaps Christmas.
  • Countdown to Olivia being taller than me: Any day now. We’re tied.
  • Item left behind my family member: Stacy’s watch and bracelet.

Family member I’m the most grateful for: Ben, who is enough older than Simon for there to be considerable idol worship, but who is sweet enough to play with his younger cousin. After a few years being the odd man out, Simon now very happily has a “date” at family affairs. And, of course, mom, who always puts together a fun party.

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  1. blg says:

    Nice re-cap.
    I usually write down how many potatoes in my BlackBerry, so I remember next year. Recently added a notation as to how many bags of candy we start Halloween off with. I think I am getting more OCD in my old age.

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