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One little month ago, it looked like Simon was filling out. And he was…

… in preparation for his most recent growth spurt. When Matt came back from Arizona last week, he took one look at Simon and said, “I think he’s taller.” Turns out this was no parental misconception.

It’s a long-ish and boring story, but Simon had to run to the doctor today to have his left ear checked out. It was fine–though my head was done in by the shrieking kid in the room next to ours.* Anyway, they measured and weighed him as a matter of course. Since January, Simon has grown 1.25 inches in height and only gained 4 ounces–if that. He’s now 37.25 pounds and 42 inches high, giving him a BMI of 14.9 and putting him in the 26th percentile for body mass. Healthy, for sure, but by no means “average”.

*We waited an hour to see the doctor. Thirty minutes in the lobby, which was fine, and another 30 in the examining room, where we were treated to some truly ungodly sounds. When the doctor finally made his appearance, he apologized for the delay and the noise, explaining that a regular patient “was refusing his treatment and had to be restrained.” Ooof. Glad I’m not the kid, his parents, or the doctor in that room!

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  1. blg says:

    Did it upset Simon to hear the other kid so unhappy?

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