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Hump Day

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. Here’s the current status:

1. Fundraiser: Done. PA system back, monies deposited and receipts reconciled. We made good money, and I”m enjoying the iTunes playlist I made. So is Simon, who has told me, alternately, that Whiskeytown sounds like a good party and that Alison Krauss’s voice is “really pretty.”

2. Houseguests: Arrived to a clean house Sunday night. Left today at lunch. House still clean.

3. Simon: No longer sick, but allergies are keeping him up coughing. Today he woke up at 8:30–too late for school. Tonight I’m in the guest bedroom my guests just departed because we could only, finally, get Simon comfortable in our bed about two hours after he should have been asleep. School tomorrow will again be a game-time decision.

4. Agotich: Adorable. I had her all to myself this morning, and she was in a really sweet and funny mood. She also called me “Mama” a bunch, which certainly didn’t make her any less adorable!  Then Simon and I went to AJ to pick her up together. He’d never been inside and got a kick out of seeing the place,  meeting Agotich’s teachers, and watching her play. And I got my usual kick out of seeing the surprise register on people’s faces when they realized that the tall, warm complected child next to me was my son. He’s just not what they (or I) expect a child of mine to look like.

5. First run: I almost skipped it from sheer exhaustion. The fact that it was cold and raining didn’t help. So glad I didn’t! I met a woman who works for the Kentucky Office of Refugees, and we’ve got coffee planned for next week. What a great connection. As for how I did, well, all that elliptical work paid off. I ran and walked so far ahead of the group (without trying or working up a sweat) that I couldn’t hear the instructions and took a wrong turn in the park. I’m sticking with the run/walk group for another few weeks to play it safe and avoid injury, but after that the organizer is bumping me up to the pure running group. I might, just might, not suck at this.

6. The rest: Between Molly coming tomorrow for a visit and Evie’s help on Thursday and Saturday, I think the craziest part is behind me. I’m thinking I can knock out some of the freelance work while sitting in the hospital. But more importantly, I can quit focusing on my own to-do list a little and redirect the energy towards helping my mom.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Good luck to your Mom. I know she’ll do great, she’s a champ. You get some time for you, too, gal o’mine.

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