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Monthly Archive for March, 2011

Hump Day

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. Here’s the current status: 1. Fundraiser: Done. PA system back, monies deposited and receipts reconciled. We made good money, and I”m enjoying the iTunes playlist I made. So is Simon, who has told me, alternately, that Whiskeytown sounds like a good party and that Alison Krauss’s voice is “really […]

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So here’s the thing. Last night was KIP’s huge annual auction and fundraiser. I was in charge of check-out (a bigger operation than  I’d expected due to the difficulty of getting a credit-card machine for the night) and, with Matt, co-in charge of the music. KIP has been terrific for Simon; I was happy to […]

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Ms Hillel

I’m having a moment over here. A “If not now, when?” moment.  That would be a famous quote by the sage Hillel, who is also famous for saying “Build a fence around the Torah” and for eating a matzo and bitter herb sandwich, but we’ll skip those bits for now. Back to me. For the […]

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