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Blog Vacation

I’m logging out for a week and will be back on Saturday, June 11.

Today I woke up, ran five miles, took Simon to the pool to play with Baron, took him to visit his Zadie and Nana, and then got caught up on all the mail/laundry/filth/Sudanese stuff I’ve been delaying.

With camp not set to start for a week, I think I’m sensing a theme. Namely, something has to give. That something may be:

  1. household sanitation
  2. running
  3. quality, outdoor time with Simon
  4. setting up graduation, seminars, and fundraising for the Sudanese
  5. sleep
  6. the blog

I’m opting for 6, but only for one short week. I’m unplugging entirely in fact, as I desperately need to clear out my attic, get started on my basement, and tend to my garden while also taking care of items 1-5 above.

See you all soon. And cross your fingers that we get some actual spring weather before it’s officially summer. All I want is one week of 75-85 degree weather. Not 65 and raining. Not 60 and raining. And not 95 either way. Would that be so hard?

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