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Treasure Pillow

A year ago (or so), Simon began putting anything that meant a lot to him under his pillow. As the months went by, the number of treasures grew so that now, when I lie beside him in bed at night, I often feel an uncomfortable, bumpy surface under my head or arm. And whereas I’ve managed to reduce the menagerie that sits in bed with him, all efforts at reducing the cache stashed under his pillow have met with resistance and failure.

The current pillow manifest stands at:

  1. Two sheets of paper we printed out from Simon’s typing
  2. One copy of National Geographic Little Kids
  3. Six wild cards from National Geographic Little Kids
  4. Halloween themed finger puppet
  5. Small flashlight (stolen from visiting guests, we later learned)
  6. Set of keys
  7. Wooden helicopter
  8. 7 model cars from the movie Cars: 2 Regular Lightening McQueens, one Dinoco Lightening, Doc, Mater, The King, Chick Hicks
  9. 1 Kids Cliff Bar (new addition)
  10. 13 (yes, really) Hot Wheels
  11. $0.76 in change
  12. a rock

I wonder: Is this accumulation possible because Simon doesn’t really use his pillow? Or does he not use his pillow because it’s hard as a rock?

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