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My How He’s Grown

The standing refrain when people see Simon these day is something like, “Every time I see him, he’s taller.”

To which my standard reply is, “Every time you see him, he is taller!”

It’s true. Early this January, when I took him to the doctor he stood 40 3/4 inches tall. Five weeks later, he stood 42 inches tall. I thought that was quite a spurt, but it was only the beginning. When I had my “he’s too skinny” freak-out this spring, he had dropped two pounds and grown two inches, to 35 pounds and 44 inches. The weight’s back on: thanks to prodigious eating Simon is between 38 and 39 pounds.

He’s also added another inch, and now stands 45 inches tall. That’s a spurt of over 4 inches in six months. He’s the tallest boy at camp. Taller than the average 5-year-old with three months to go before his birthday. For kids his age, he’s in the 90th percentile.  And If I am to believe the size charts, he’s two pounds away from being a perfect size 6 Slim. Which means several things:

  • He’s skipped over a full size.
  • If I buy him size 5 Slim pants for fall, he’ll outgrown them the minute he grows even a half inch.
  • If I buy size 6 pants for fall, I’ll be cuffing until next year.
  • He won’t be wearing anything very cool; just like with adult clothes, specialty sizes are uniformly boring.
  • He has not one item of clothing from last fall/winter—not one!—that will still fit. Simon’s coats and jackets are still plenty roomy, but none are long enough.

Mama is going to hit the outlets in Indiana this season for sure!


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  1. tlalbaugh says:

    This totally cracks me up. Miss K is a girl and eight months younger, true (though she’ll start kindergarten the same year as Simon), but totally different story with her. She is 30 pounds and 36 inches tall–8th percentile and 3rd. I think she’ll be in her car seat another two years at this rate. She’s a powerhouse for her size, however. She’s built like a little gymnast–small, but compact and sturdy. I’m trying to figure out whether to get her a new winter coat–her size 2 from LL Bean worked fine last year (their coats run huge), and it might work again…

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