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Mama’s Boy

Like many moms of boys, the realization that I was not going to have a daughter prompted some reflection. First was that a certain chain was broken; there would never be a “3/4 generations of X women” photo like so many of my friends have and like I myself have. And regardless of whether or how many children Simon might someday have, no grandchild of mine will ever be able to trace mitochondrial DNA on my side. I’m a genealogical dead end one generation from now.

Then there is the shopping. No pretty dresses or whimsical tops to shop for. No ruffles or French florals or fancy pleats to hunt for. And I will never, ever, be able to take Simon to the Polly Flinders outlet to shop for dresses hand-smocked by nuns. I got over all of this pretty quickly. Realizing that I have been spared a ton of princess stuff coming into my home helped in that regard. Still, there were all those memories of shopping with my mom and Bubbie that are so dear to me and that I mourned the presumed absence of.

But not so fast! Matt had errands to run Saturday that led to the mall, and Simon had strong feelings about a specific agenda. He campaigned strongly that they:

  1. Eat lunch at Panera
  2. Go shoe shopping at Von Maur

I can work with this. We’ll just ignore that the shoes he really wants light up.

2 Responses to “Mama’s Boy”

  1. Amanda says:

    Ah, shoes! A boy after my own heart.

  2. bethnbobinnc says:

    I feel you. I don’t even have a niece to buy for! We have truly hit the testosterone motherlode in our family! I keep my fingers crossed that Lee and Jenny will make it happen.

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